How Phenibut works:


Very briefly, the Phenibut molecule can be thought of as a ‘key’ to unlock receptors in the brain called GABA-receptors. 
The body’s own ‘key’ is called GABA, and when this unlocks the GABA-receptors, our brains have a reduced response to signals
from the Central Nervous System. This is what creates the effects of relaxation, social ease, pain relief and drowsiness 
when our bodies produce GABA. This tends to happen at night or when we are really tired.


Phenibut Dosage:


A recommended lower serving size of Phenibut HCl would be around 250-350 mg, taken two to three times daily. 
This lower serving produces a mild mood increase and feeling of calmness. It has been said by some to also 
improve sociability at this lower dose.

For a higher dosage, between 500 – 750 mg could be taken twice daily, depending on how strong you’d like the effects to be. 
At these higher serving sizes, you still get the mood-lift and calm sensation, and some increased sociability, but it also 
helps with getting to sleep and maintaining good, healthy sleep throughout the night.

Phenibut HCL Powder 100g

SKU: 0016
  • 100g Phenibut HCL Powder Supplied in a foil Pouch.

    Dosage range beginner: 250 - 350mg twice daily.

    Dosage range advanced: 500 - 750mg twice daily. 

    It is definitely not recommended to exceed the maximum serving size of 2000 mg daily. Please use this product responsibly